HCF Accelerator Start-up Launches ‘Smart App’ to Reduce Veteran Suicide

Sydney, 6th March 2018HCF Catalyst start-up, Soldier.ly today announced the launch of Overwatch© – the world’s first smart app designed to reduce the incidence of veteran suicide.

The Overwatch© app was created to give veterans a practical and anonymous tool for monitoring and managing anxiety, stress and PTSD. Intended to work on many popular IOS and Android smartwatches, the app tracks biofeedback data and alerts the wearer when stress or anxiety increases in order to break the body’s natural ‘fight or flight’ response.

Whilst many popular smartwatches track heart rate variability, Overwatch© is the world’s first smart app utilising Machine Learning technology to capture feedback on each incident so the app can evolve. Ultimately, the app aims to help veterans cultivate a more mindful attitude toward their bodies by helping them identify the people, places or activities that trigger stress.


There are 25,000,000 veterans living throughout the western world. Many live with physical or psychological effects from their service, and far too many struggle with the transition from the highly structured and supportive military environment to life as a civilian. This range of issues often leads veterans to engage in harmful behaviours, suicidal ideation &/or suicide.

By Veterans, For Veterans

A veteran commits suicide every hour in the United States, and Australia has lost more soldiers to suicide than fighting in Afghanistan. Overwatch© was developed by former Army Combat Engineer & Peacekeeper Chris Rhyss Edwards after his untreated PTSD cost him his marriage and almost his life.

“Like many veterans, I was too embarrassed to ask for help, so I created Soldier.ly and Overwatch© to give veterans an early warning system for discreetly managing their mental health by tracking and directly addressing stress and anxiety,” said Chris Rhyss Edwards.


Media Enquiries to:

Chris Rhyss Edwards, Founder & CEO

Phone: 0425 478 533

Email: chris@soldier.ly


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